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30-Jan-19   SMX West
25-Feb-19   LSA Annual Conference
25-Feb-19   Mega Conference 2019
05-Mar-19   Pubcon
08-Mar-19   South by Southwest SXSW 2019
12-Mar-19   LOAC 2019
21-Mar-19   App Promotion Summit London
26-Mar-19   Adobe Summit
26-Mar-19   Digital Marketing Innovation Summit
27-Mar-19   Marketing Technology Expo
27-Mar-19   B2B Marketing Expo
27-Mar-19   B2C Marketing Expo
27-Mar-19   CXL Live 2019
27-Mar-19   Digiday Publishing Summit
27-Mar-19   Industry Insights Summit
01-Apr-19   eTail Connect
01-Apr-19   UnGagged London
02-Apr-19   SMX Germany
02-Apr-19   Savant eCommerce Amsterdam
03-Apr-19   MarTech West
03-Apr-19   Internet Retailing Expo (IRX)
03-Apr-19   Big Digital
04-Apr-19   Advanced Search Summit Napa
04-Apr-19   ADworld Experience
06-Apr-19   NAB Show
08-Apr-19   ContentTECH Summit
08-Apr-19   Digital Travel US 2019
09-Apr-19   eCommerce Expo Ireland
09-Apr-19   Interact 19
09-Apr-19   Web à Québec
10-Apr-19   Content Marketing Summit Asia: ANZ
10-Apr-19   Integrated Marketing Communications
10-Apr-19   Digital Summit Los Angeles
10-Apr-19   LOCALCOMM 2019 (Siinda)
11-Apr-19   ohgmcon5
11-Apr-19   SearchCon
11-Apr-19   BrightonSEO
16-Apr-19   Midwest Digital Marketing Conference
16-Apr-19   Content Marketing Conference
18-Apr-19   OiConf & Expo
22-Apr-19   Activate 19
23-Apr-19   How to Develop a Powerful Marketing Technology Stack
23-Apr-19   Hero Conf Philadelphia
23-Apr-19   Confab 2019
24-Apr-19   ANA Email Evolution Conference
25-Apr-19   Zenith Digital Marketing Conference
25-Apr-19   One Squared
25-Apr-19   Intrigue Summit: Miami
27-Apr-19   MeasureCamp: Cincinnati
28-Apr-19   Search & Performance Insider Summit
29-Apr-19   B2B Online 
29-Apr-19   AdExchanger's Programmatic I/O
30-Apr-19   Social Media Week: New York
30-Apr-19   Social Media Strategies Summit: Chicago
01-May-19   Data & Programmatic Insider Summit
01-May-19   Digital Summit New York City
01-May-19   MAU 2019
02-May-19   Next10x Digital Marketing Conference
06-May-19   C3 (Conductor)
06-May-19   The Social Shake-Up
07-May-19   MTC Expo (Response Expo)
07-May-19   OMR Festival 2019
07-May-19   Search Marketing Summit Australia
07-May-19   eTail Canada 2019
08-May-19   eCommerce Show North
09-May-19   Brand Safety Summit London
09-May-19   DigiMarCon East 2019
13-May-19   Ads Camp 2019
15-May-19   Digital Summit Kansas City
15-May-19   Programmatic Pioneers Summit
15-May-19   Sellers Summit
16-May-19   DigiMarCon Canada
21-May-19   Digital Summit Atlanta
21-May-19   Digital Business World Congress
22-May-19   DigiMarCon Silicon Valley
23-May-19   #DMWF Expo Global
29-May-19   Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit
03-Jun-19   SMX Advanced
04-Jun-19   Digital Summit Austin
05-Jun-19   DigiMarCon South
06-Jun-19   Digital Elite Day (Search / CRO)
08-Jun-19   MeasureCamp: Manchester 
08-Jun-19   MeasureCamp: Dublin 
10-Jun-19   Hypergrowth London
10-Jun-19   Mobile Connect
10-Jun-19   Conquer Local
11-Jun-19   Digital Summit Portland
12-Jun-19   AMA Digital Marketing Bootcamp
12-Jun-19   DigiMarCon West
12-Jun-19   Savage Marketing
17-Jun-19   Digital Growth Unleashed 
25-Jun-19   Digital Summit Denver
25-Jun-19   Call to Action Conference
25-Jun-19   IRCE
26-Jun-19   Intrigue Summit: New York
15-Jul-19   MozCon
24-Jul-19   Digital Summit Philadelphia
06-Aug-19   A Marketer's Guide to Artificial Intelligence
06-Aug-19   IMPACT Live 2019
14-Aug-19   Digital Summit Minneapolis
28-Aug-19   Digital Summit Chicago
03-Sep-19   Hypergrowth Boston
03-Sep-19   INBOUND 2019
04-Sep-19   Digital Summit Washington Dc
09-Sep-19   Digital Analytics Hub
10-Sep-19   SEO for Marketers: Strategies, Tactics and Trends
11-Sep-19   Digital Summit Tampa
11-Sep-19   #DMWF North America 2019
11-Sep-19   Opticon19
16-Sep-19   MarTech East
16-Sep-19   Mobile Next
19-Sep-19   The Agents of Change
25-Sep-19   Digital Summit Detroit
25-Sep-19   LeadsCon
02-Oct-19   Digital Summit Charlotte
21-Oct-19   Digital Summit Boston
22-Oct-19   AMA Digital Marketing Bootcamp
13-Nov-19   Internet Summit Raleigh
13-Nov-19   SMX East
03-Dec-19   Digital Summit Dallas
01-Feb-20   Digital Summit Phoenix
17-Feb-20   Mega Conference 2020
13-Mar-20   South by Southwest SXSW 2020
30-Mar-20   LeadsCon

Press Releases

29-Oct-13   PlaceLinks US patent 8,572,079 awarded for Local Search Engine;
"Collaborative linking system with bi-directed variable granularity search engine",
focusing on the exploitation of the design for Promotions and Deals

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